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Technology – Precision milling

Precision machining center:

KERN Pyramid Nano


  • Milling of a 90 mm long profile in hardened steel
  • Perpendicularity to the surface 0.01
  • Line shape of the profile 0.01 mm -> because of using the C-axis, Z must be stable within 5 microns during the entire milling process


  • Programming of tool tracks in a way that possible tool wear is not visible on the surface
  • Selection of the optimal step size for fulfilling the surface requirements in the shortest possible turnaround time
  • Determining the tool position behavior with a pre-process
  • Iterative procedure: milling, measuring, milling, …


Because of the excellent reproducibility of the KERN Pyramid Nano, the gauge block could be achieved by iteration milling. Each correction was imported successfully, directly from the measuring

machine results

Part size:

110 mm


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