KERN expertise

The combination of contract manufacturing and engineering

In 1981, our contract production branch had a requirement for an especially precise machine. Since no such machine was available on the market, our engineers developed the first KERN machine for universal machining tasks. Today, KERN Microtechnik's CNC machining centers are known worldwide for their high precision and reliability.

For our customers, this brings a double benefit: KERN machines provide KERN contract manufacturing with the best results in the most demanding processing tasks, 24/7. Conversely, our long-standing manufacturing experience feeds continuously into the further development of our KERN CNC precision machines .

This close integration of engineering and contract manufacturing within the KERN family makes KERN Microtechnik unique. We provide you not only with room to expand your production capacity, but when purchasing a KERN machine we can also carry out the complete integration process into your production line. At the same time, you benefit from the constant optimization and development of our machining facilities — for life!