Machines in line for parts in series
Automation for serial production (palette changer)

Machining range

KERN contract production expands your production capacity flexibly and in line with demand!

Since 1962 KERN Microtechnik has been delivering μm-accurate precision parts with excellent surface finish. With our wide range of technology and modern machinery for the most challenging assignments, we are today one of Europe's largest contract manufacturers in high-end machining. Our focus remains the serial production of micro- and high precision parts.

The machining range of KERN contract production covers:

Our self-developed CNC precision machining centers guarantee stable processing and automation in 24-hour/7-day shift operation. Geometries can be arbitrarily complex, and the range of materials is virtually limitless. 3D-coordinate measuring systems provide reliable quality control and documentation.

The special KERN ingredient: Combined processing
We combine micro, high speed and hard milling, (wire-cut) EDM as well as surface and jig grinding. For complex components, we design custom automation equipment and reliably cover other manufacturing processes and surface treatments through our supplier pool.