Test chamber for analyses equipment
Spindle bed made of Invar

High precision HSC and hard milling

For your machining assignment, KERN contract production offers you μ-accurate HSC (High Speed Cutting) in air conditioned rooms. With our modern machine pool, we reliably achieve highly accurate contours, sculptured surfaces and bores with form and location tolerances within ± 1 μm. This eliminates the need for precision assemblies with time-consuming adjustments.

The hydrostatic guides on the KERN Pyramid Nano guarantee maximum precision and friction damping in absolute freedom, and truly stand out when machining hardened steel or hard ceramics. Due to hydrostatics, we achieve an extremely high surface finish quality, significantly reducing the need for reworking (e.g. polishing).

The benefits of KERN contract production for HSC milling and hard milling:

  • μ-accurate production in air-conditioned rooms

  • CAM programming for 3- to 5-axis simultaneous milling

  • High Speed Cutting at up to 50,000 rpm

  • Hard milling up to 66 HRC with optimum surface finish due to hydrostatics

  • Quality control via 3D-coordinate measuring systems