KERN testing laboratory
KERN testing laboratory

Measurement technology/quality control

Measuring down to the μ

Highly accurate measuring is a prerequisite for the production of micro- and high precision parts. It is therefore unsurprising that the measuring and testing equipment used at KERN contract production is correspondingly extensive and high quality. It includes more than 1,500 different measurement and testing apparatus that are regularly calibrated to the requirements of ISO 9001. Equipped with five high-end measuring machines, the KERN testing laboratory is kept at a constant temperature range of ± 0.5K.

Overview of KERN's precision measuring systems:

  • Latest tactile and optical 3D-coordinate measuring machines by Zeiss

  • Acquisition of component topographies by white light sensor (multisensor machine)

  • Stylus tip from 0.12 to 5mm

  • Measurement and evaluation of manufactured parts around the clock in both manned and unmanned shifts via high levels of automation (autorun surface)

  • External programming station to create new analytical programs in parallel to existing measurement processes

  • Statistical process control (Zeiss PiWeb) for efficient quality control of serial production