Parts for medical technology
Parts for HPLC (liquid chromatography)

Micro-milling and micro-drilling

Our fully air-conditioned production center contains twelve KERN ultra-high precision CNC machining centers with high speed spindles. They give us the capability to manufacture anything from prototypes to serial batches of up to 10,000 pieces. Our product range includes watch plates and movement parts, fiber optic connectors for medical endoscope heads and turbine wheels in the submillimeter range.

For serial production, we have nine automated manufacturing cells available. They offer maximum autonomy and reliable, unmanned machining around the clock (24/7) with buffer storage for hundreds of components and high repeat accuracy thanks to zero point clamping systems. Process stability is further enhanced by automatic tool exchange and correction of tool wear.

The extremely high process stability ( KERN expertise ) at KERN contract manufacturing ensures that the first part has the same quality as the ten thousandth.

The benefits of KERN contract production in micro-milling and micro-drilling:

  • μ-accurate production of micro-parts and micro-structures in an air-conditioned space

  • Use of micro-tools: from bore size Ø 0.03, milling cutter Ø 0.05, tap drill M0.2

  • High Speed Cutting at up to 50,000 rpm

  • CAM programming for 3- to 5-axis simultaneous milling

  • Quality assurance with 3D-coordinate measuring systems