Combined machining milling/grinding
Coordinate grinding

Surface and jig grinding

From our in-house production of high precision machine components, KERN Microtechnik has amassed enormous expertise in the manufacture of axle components, spindle beds and guide bearings for precision guidance systems.

We use surface grinding to guarantee the necessary flatness and parallelism for contact surfaces, as well as optimum surface quality. With our surface grinding machines, we achieve a flatness and parallelism of 2 microns in a 600 x 200mm area.

For maximum precision when using a combination of jig grinding and milling in a single clamping, we turn to our KERN Pyramid Nano . With the Pyramid Nano 5-axis machine, we were able to reduce the processing time when grinding prismatic guides by approx. 80% compared to conventional processing using a surface grinding machine. Throughout, accuracy remained at 2 µm for parallelism and angularity.

As an absolute first at KERN, we also offer part manufacture using grinding of sintered hard ceramics such as zirconium oxide (ZrO 2 ) and aluminum oxide (AlO 2 ) — also in the nano and micro ranges. We drill and manufacture blind hole M1.6 inside threads in hard sintered materials and add mounted points from Ø 0.8 with internal coolant supply.