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(Wire-cut) EDM

EDM is a contactless machining process for workpieces with combined requirements beyond those of conventional milling, e.g. special geometries or material hardnesses. When using EDM for micro-parts and micro-structures, KERN's contract production achieves the same precision as conventional milling.

In order to consistently meet our high quality standards, we produce our own electrodes and micro-electrodes for EDM on our high precision KERN CNC milling centers and test them with 3D-coordinate measuring machines.

Wire-cut EDM at KERN contract production:

  • High accuracy within +/− 1.5 μm

  • Surface quality up to Ra 0.05

  • Micro-EDM & fine wire-cut EDM up to Ø 0.03 mm

  • Wire-cut EDM with CNC dividing head (turning axis)

CNC EDM at KERN contract production:

  • 16-fold electrode changer

  • Micro-EDM with a special generator for ultra-fine structures

  • Starting hole EDM from Ø 0.23mm to Ø 3mm

Latest machine technology at KERN Microtechnik

Our new Agie Charmilles Cut 3000 enables tolerances of 1.5 μm on the workpiece with a surface finish quality of up to Ra 0.05. The twin-wire system automatically changes between standard and fine wires during processing to achieve inner radii of less than 20 μm. The diameter of the wires ranges from 0.03mm to 0.3mm.