High precision manufacturing

All our automation facilities offer maximum autonomy and reliable, unmanned machining around the clock – 24/7.

Ein KERN Mitarbeiter bei der Auftragsfertigung


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High precision HSC and hard milling

produktbeispiele Mikrofräsen und Mikrobohren

Micro-milling and micro-drilling

Produktbeispiel Draht und Senk-erodieren

Wire and vertical EDM

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Surface and jig grinding

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Laser marking

KERN Mitarbeiter bei der Auftragsfertigung

Measurement Technology

The special Kern ingredient: Combined processing
We combine micro, high speed and hard milling, (wire-cut) EDM as well as surface and jig grinding. For complex components, we design custom automation equipment and reliably cover other manufacturing processes and surface treatments through our supplier pool.

Product range

Bauteile für die Halbleiterindustrie
Components for the semiconductor industry
Solid state hinges
Endoskopspitzen, Endoskopköpfe, Objektivköpfe
Endoscope tips, endoscope heads, lens heads
Watch parts, watch plates, bridges and moving parts
Watch parts, watch plates, bridges and moving parts
Mirror holders, octical frames
Vorschau Hochfrequenz Teil
High frequency parts
Preview for "Fiber optic connectors, glass fiber connector"
Fiber optic connectors, glass fiber connectors
preview for "Implants, parts for dentures and hearing implants"
Implants, parts for dentures and hearing implants
Parts for gas and liquid tomography, valve for HPLC
Beispielprodukte die durch Mikrofräsen und Mikrobohren an einer KERN Maschine entstanden sind
Parts for nanopositioners
Vorschau "Teile für Teilchenbeschleuniger"
Parts for particle accelerators
Pumps and rotors with a pencil next to it to see the scale
Pumps and rotors
Texturing jets, spinnerets,injectors
Texturing jets, spinnerets,injectors

Kern Expertise

The combination of contract manufacturing and engineering

In 1981, our contract production branch had a requirement for an especially precise machine. Since no such machine was available on the market, our engineers developed the first Kern machine for high precision manufacturing. Today, Kern Microtechnik’s CNC machining centers are known worldwide for their high precision and reliability.

For our customers, this brings a double benefit: Kern machines provide Kern contract manufacturing with the best results in the most demanding processing tasks, 24/7. Conversely, our long-standing manufacturing experience feeds continuously into the further development of our Kern CNC precision machines.

Materials used

Our wide range of processing methods for special materials

At Kern contract production, we specialize in high precision machining of diverse (including exotic) materials. In addition to common materials such as brass, aluminum and stainless steel, this particularly includes:

  • Copper alloys such as nickel silver and tungsten copper
  • Titanium alloys
  • Hardened tool steels and hard metals
  • Heavy metals such as molybdenum and tungsten
  • Nickel-base alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy and Nitinol
  • Special alloys such as Kovar, Invar and Ferro-Titanit
  • Technical plastics such as Vespel
  • Millable ceramics such as Macor and boron nitride
  • Hard ceramics such as zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide
  • Precious metals such as gold and platinum

Machining facilities & downloads

Our air-conditioned workshops are home to the best machine tools currently available for ultra-precision machining. Our Kern machines are complemented by machines from leading manufacturers such as Agie, Hermle and ZEISS to complete our production range and provide μ-accurate monitoring and quality assurance.

A detailed list of the machinery at Kern contract manufacturing can be found here: