Jewelry industry

The automated production requirements for high value jewelry items are every bit as demanding as those for Micromechanics/watches . Precision, surface finish and the ability to manufacture complex free-form geometrical shapes — ideally in a single pass — are all decisive factors when choosing the most suitable CNC machining system. The use of highly valuable metals like gold and platinum places extra importance on having an intelligent chip management system with 100% reclamation of raw materials.

The Micro and Evo machines by KERN fulfill all of these requirements superbly. They are continually being optimized through close collaboration with internationally renowned watch- and jewelry makers. KERN Microtechnik's patented quick-release plates vastly improve efficiency by enabling both tool changes and the processing of different articles with a variety of machining methods — even during unmanned operation over long periods.

The advantages of KERN machines for the jewelry industry:

  • Intelligent chip management can be engaged for thorough cleaning and recycling of valuable materials

  • Zero point clamping systems permitting maximum repeat accuracy, even after tool changes

  • Maximum process reliability ensures uniform quality and guarantees minimal waste

  • 5-axis simultaneous processing allows complex free-form geometries in a single milling operation