Micromechanics / watches

Micromechanics and the watch industry

Micromechanics — the production of microscopically small components — requires high volumes of precision-milled parts. Our KERN Evo and KERN Micro machines are not only optimized for automated high speed manufacturing of watch plates and watch parts, but also for lightguide connection elements, medical endoscope heads and turbine wheels in the submillimeter range.

In close collaboration with a wide range of watchmakers, the performance of KERN's high precision machining centers has been perfected right from the start. For many years, KERN machining centers have met the exacting demands of these industries for (free-form) geometric complexity, precision and surface finish, setting new standards for machining capabilities in the microtechnology sector.

The advantages of KERN machines for the microtechnology sector:

  • Intelligent chip management can be engaged for thorough cleaning and recycling of valuable materials

  • μ-exact probing allows maximum repeat accuracy during tool changes in processes with more than one clamping

  • Maximum process reliability ensures uniform quality and guarantees minimal waste