KERN Jig Grinding Technology

Jig grinding technology

Hydrostatic milling and grinding in a single clamping.

With its hydrostatic guides and drives, the KERN Pyramid Nano is ideal not only for milling but also for grinding.

With the optional KERN jig grinding package, your KERN Pyramid Nano can be configured with modular building blocks from the world of grinding technology:

  • Dressing units incl. dressing cycles
  • Ultrasonic sensors for zero-point location and contact monitoring
  • KO grinding cycles with freely programmable Z-axis motion

All modules are 100% integrated into the Heidenhain control system and can be freely used by NC programs and integrated into your processes.

Your benefits:

  • Increased precision through milling and grinding in a single clamping
  • Reduced lead times through milling and grinding in a single clamping
  • Maximum flexibility through freely programmable grinding contours
  • Grinding with maximum precision of Z-axis movement.