KERN product design

Product design

When designing our machines, we take into account all aspects of automated serial production — from automatic tool change to ergonomics at each access point.

Tool change
For fast and safe tool changes during serial production runs, all KERN machines provide the ability to load the tool magazine during machining. A large number of tool slots allows long periods of autonomic operation; the tools are optimal and clearly arranged. The quick-change system of the KERN Micro is patented.

The optimal accessibility and clamping height of every KERN machine ensures ergonomic working. The work space is bright, easily visible and accessible at all times by a main door - even with the machine running under automation.

Axle kinematics
KERN machines are designed with optimized axle kinematics in order to minimize travel ranges, especially for small, 5-axis parts. Highly economical linear axes and generous tilt and rotational axes, combined with their optimized spatial arrangement, enable complicated free-form geometries to be machined with the lowest possible travel ranges, in a single clamping.

Patented machine stands
The symmetrical, gantry design of KERN machines with a machine stand made from KERN Amorith (mineral casting, reinforced with heavy steel struts) suppresses virtually all oscillations by virtue of its weight and patented material.