KERN µ-View video

KERN μ-View

Manufacturing with the perfect tool
Every tool failure costs time and money and delays your delivery schedule. That's why KERN Microtechnik has developed a simple and very effective inspector for tool examination. Our KERN μ-View optical camera system provides images of tools with up to 450-fold magnification so you can easily spot defects.

Save money
μ-View's pre-screening check detects defective tools before they are used in production. Thanks to accurate analysis it is also possible to monitor tools as they near their wear limits. At KERN contract production we have tested KERN μ-View under the toughest conditions, where it has become totally indispensable. Since we have ten KERN machines running in multi-shift operation, our annual tooling costs can run to six figures.

Software and operation
For more information on related software and the KERN tool inspector's user-friendly clamping modules, please refer to the data sheet.