MMP Basic stand after 10 years of intensive production, partly dismantled
KERN MMP after factory overhaul
MMP Basic stand after 10 years of intensive production, partly dismantled
KERN MMP interior after factory overhaul

A KERN never belongs on the scrap heap

KERN high precision machining centers are known for their exceptional value. For this reason, our machines are highly sought after - even after years of service.

As a manufacturer, we offer you the following options:

Custom factory overhaul

Do you need a factory overhaul for your KERN machine? No problem!

For a custom factory overhaul we proceed as follows:

  • First, we assess your machine (at your site or at our factory in Eschenlohe, Germany)
  • We then create a cost estimate
  • After placing your order, your machine is thoroughly checked at our factory and disassembled as required
  • Worn components are cleaned, overhauled or replaced
  • On request, we can also repaint your machine
  • We then perform a KGM calibration
  • A final check completes the factory overhaul

After the factory overhaul, your machine will once again achieve the required level of KERN precision for the respective machine type. All replaced components are guaranteed for six months.

Purchasing a used machine

When our machines "return home" to Eschenlohe after a trade-in, they undergo a complete factory overhaul and are then offered for sale as used machines.

The procedure for a complete factory overhaul is basically as follows:

  • The machine is completely disassembled and cleaned
  • Worn components are overhauled or replaced
  • After assembly, the machine undergoes our entire calibration and quality assurance process - exactly like a new machine
  • After the final check, the machine gets its KERN μ-Check certificate
  • We provide a six-month warranty with all used machines

You can see before/after pictures of a complete factory overhaul in this image gallery.


For more information, please contact our service department.

In addition, KERN's service manager Gilbert Ullmann, who can be reached on + 49 8824 / 9101-191, will be happy to assist you in person at any time.