Potential through KERN technology

Why choose a KERN?

Clear advantages for serial production

KERN Microtechnik offers maximum production flexibility significantly below your tolerance — and rejection — limits! It is this potential that gives KERN machines clear advantages over comparable standard machines.

Our explicit goal is to continue optimizing serial production across the microengineering domain. That's why our development engineers are constantly increasing our technological lead over the competition. KERN machines are not only enormously stable and precise in the µ-range, but are also highly resistant to temperature fluctuations.

The drastic reduction of mechanical and thermal influences during serial production compared to standard machines allows our customers to operate flexibly, productively and cost-effectively — far below the rejection limit.

Their high potential to operate below the rejection limit gives KERN machines clear advantages for serial production:

  • dynamics
    The reduction of thermal and mechanical influences allows significantly increased production efficiency without compromising part quality.

  • stability
    By significantly undershooting the limits on component accuracy (rejection limits), KERN machines achieve increased stability in serial production. Quality assurance times and costs are reduced permanently.

  • precision
    The increased precision of each and every part allows serial production of complex, high precision key components, which was impossible with previous manufacturing systems.