KERN Evo manufacturing cell ER6
KERN Micro: Integrated workpiece changer
KERN Micro: Video integrated workpiece changer


KERN CNC machining centers have standardized interfaces for all common automation systems. With the ability of a KERN to be integrated into any existing production system, our machines offer maximum flexibility and security for your automation tasks.

The automation of a KERN machine does not interrupt servicing work, since the main door to the machinery area remains constantly accessible.

Your advantage:

  • Unmanned, stable serial production, 7 days per week
  • Increase of turn over through unmanned night shifts
  • Operating of multiple machine tools through only one user

Now, with the KERN Micro's new integrated workpiece changer, you too can easily enter the world of automation.

Your benefits:

  • Deploy unmanned shifts (nights & weekends)
  • Pays for itself in under 12 months 
  • No additional set-up space needed 
  • No additional software or interfaces needed 
  • Exploit the high process stability of the KERN Micro