Flexible machines for your future-oriented production

For its machine platforms, KERN relies on flexible series production, which allows the efficient implementation of customer requirements and individual solutions with the highest quality levels. The basic machine offers high production stability and costoptimised processes.
When it comes to consulting, our focus is therefore on finding the optimal solution to produce demanding parts in a highly productive manner, thus generating enduring competitive advantages for our customers.


Micro Platform

Individual or series production – when it comes to maximum precision, the purchase of a machining centre from KERN Microtechnik is the right choice. Especially with the KERN Micro platform you can configure the optimum machine for your specific application spectrum and integrate it into your production environment.

With the KERN Micro Pro there exists a stable and reliable solution for efficient part manufacturing in a price-sensitive market segment.

The KERN Micro Vario is characterized by highest workpiece accuracy, reliability and many different options for the configuration, for example for graphite milling.

And brand new- the KERN Micro HD. This machine represents the latest development of the platform and is industry-wide unrivaled when it comes to long-term ultra-precision, the highest possible surface quality and, to date, the unmatched cutting performance.

Specialty Machines

Our machining centres KERN Evo and KERN Pyramid Nano have a long tradition at KERN Microtechnik and have become an integral part of the market.

The KERN Evo is the result of many years of consistent development. This constant improvement process has enabled us to achieve maximum precision and productivity in the milling process with high and medium part quantities.

The KERN Pyramid Nano is designed for applications that demand the highest precision and surface quality, even with large workpieces that require short
machining times.

Process Development

To increase your production capacity, KERN Microtechnik develops a complete process in addition to our offered precision machining centers – on request.

You will get an insight into the KERN process development by means of our practical examples. For each of these parts, the machining process was co-developed by KERN. May we also support you with the implementation of a special part? Please contact our specialists!

Find out more about processes, individually developed by KERN Microtechnik for our customers, in our next part “Practical Examples”. Discover the KERN potential!

Practical Examples

Component: 100mm x 65mm
Technology - Precision milling Mold construction with maximum precision
Copper electrodes - Each part just like the others
Technology - Precision milling (5-axis reproducibility) - Electrodes, each part just like the others
Red KERN-Logo
Technology - Surface finish KERN logo in all colours
Shape accuracy better than +/-4µm
Technology - 5-axis precision milling, 5-axis shapes with maximum precision
Work piece
Technology - 5-axis precision milling
Production of an injection mold in 60HRC steel
Technology - Milling and Grinding combined
Milling with maximum repeat accuracy
Technology - 5-axis-precision milling Milling with maximum repeat accuracy
Extremely sharp, burr-free edges
Technology - Engraving by precision milling
Use of inner coolant supply together with a powerful spindle
Technology - Grinding Grinding of quartz glass
Milling instead of EDM
Technology - micro-milling Microstructures - process optimization
Milling in hardened steel Line shape of the profile 0.01 Perpendicularity 0.01
Technology - Precision milling
Milling a 16x surface
Technology - precision milling 5-axis machining with maximum precision
5-axes test piece
Technology - Precision milling in series Sub-micron-reproducibility
Form production with different tools
Technology - Precision milling Microfluidics - stepless
Process monitoring with macro video
Technology - Precision milling Thinnest plates precisely machined
Customer part after process optimization
Technology - Process optimization regarding surface quality
Underside of the part with interface to System 3R
Technology - Surface milling Titan - surface production

Training Center

KERN Microtechnik GmbH started in June 2018 with their own KERN Training Center at the facility Machine Tool Manufacture/Eschenlohe. KERN is an authorized training partner of company Heidenhain and offers Heidenhain trainings for beginners, users and professionals. Besides that also trainings for KERN machine operation as well as technical and customized trainings are offered.

Your requirements are our incentive - exploit your full potential.

Thomas Mauer & Christoph Weinmann
KTC - KERN Training Center

Machine Support

Our clear goal at KERN Service is maximum reliability, worldwide. Whether for previous purchases or new KERN machines — in an emergency, in case of changes or new developments, you can always rely on us.

Our qualified service experts are here to assist you and process your query without delay — so that your machine always delivers maximum productivity!