The new KERN Micro Pro: Footprint < 4 m²


The new KERN Micro Pro at AMB in Stuttgart, Germany

One week to go... The AMB starts 18th September

Visit us at AMB in Stuttgart, Germany from September 18–22, 2018. Be there at our booth B75 in Hall 7 as we unveil our latest machine – the KERN Micro Pro. Witness the outstanding performance of this very efficient machining center as our precision specialists mill various graphite components live at our stand. 

KERN Micro Pro

The KERN Micro Pro is the ideal solution for manufacturing companies that need to produce high-precision components in highly dynamic series-production environments in which both space and budgets are limited. Stop by our booth and see it in action!

Are you looking for a fully automated series machine for high-precision components down to the nano range? Then KERN also offers ideal solutions.

No matter which requirements take first priority,  professional consulting and service are always essential factors — so make an appointment today and talk to us at AMB!

Art meets technology

Our newest machining center is not our only highlight at AMB. KERN Microtechnik is also participating in this year’s “AMB hallmark of the industry” competition.

Besides our branch offices in Switzerland and Shanghai, we also operate a sales and service location in Chicago. For this reason, we decided to replicate the Chicago Cloud Gate sculpture, also known as The Bean.

Come and see our exhibit at the East Entrance — we’re sure you’ll be as impressed as we are by the shiny and reflective surfaces of this part. We would also be delighted if you could give us your vote and choose our exhibit as your favorite. It is also possible to vote online:

And we’ll naturally be more than happy to answer any questions about the manufacturing process behind this highlight at our stand.

Appointments and free tickets

We invite you to use our free tickets. These can be requested via email to the following addresses.

For appointments and any other queries please contact: or

We look forward to your visit!