KERN Evo on the cover of MMS July 2016


KERN Evo on the cover of "Modern Machine Shop", July 2016 issue

The US-Magazine MMS published a very interesting article about how Integral Machining Ltd. works with the five-axis KERN Evo!

About the cover: At Integral Machining Ltd., a KERN Evo machining center goes to work on inserts for expanded-beam fiber-optic cable connectors that use lenses to focus and transmit light from one optical fiber to another. The bores holding the optical fibers must be held to within +1.5/-0 microns of nominal diameter and an N4-level (0.2-micron) surface finish.

Read about how lessons learned in extreme-precision operations have also translated to less-demanding work.

Please find the complete article here (online version); for the downloadable PDF, please click here