Halle 12, Booth D76


Kern Microtechnik at EMO 2019

Hall 12 Booth D76

New dimension of five-axis precision

At the EMO 2019 in Hanover, Germany, KERN Microtechnik will for the first time present its brand-new KERN Micro HD. At booth D76 in hall 12, the ultimate precise machining center proves its efficiency, and KERN project manager Christian Maier answers all the questions of interested visitors.

Whether prototype or series production - when it comes to the highest precision, manufacturing companies are always on the safe side when purchasing a machining center from KERN Microtechnik. The company with the headquarter in Eschenlohe/Bavaria, always comes up with a smart solution in the sector of the highly productive five-axis simultaneous milling. The KERN Micro proved to be the perfect platform for new inventions. The platform provides the basis for three different models: The KERN Micro Pro, the KERN Micro Vario and the KERN Micro HD.

Pro - Vario - HD

The KERN Micro “Pro” offers a reliable and stable solution for efficient component processing in a price-sensitive market segment. The KERN Micro “Vario” is characterized by highest workpiece accuracy, reliability and numerous options when it comes to the configuration. And brand new - the KERN Micro "HD". The KERN Micro HD represents the latest development of the platform and is industry-wide unrivaled when it comes to long-term ultra-precision, the highest possible surface quality and, to date, the unmatched cutting performance. This is a machining center for applications which require more than the highest possible accuracy.

At the EMO, the high precision engineering company exhibits its KERN Micro HD in combination with an Erowa Robot Compact 80. Based on several key components, KERN demonstrates how small and delicate as well as large components can be mass-produced fully automated and with precision down to the nano meter range. This opens a wide new field for cost efficient production.

But not only in hall 12 can EMO visitors experience a modern KERN machining center in action. The CAD / CAM professionals at Open Mind also use the power of a KERN Micro Vario.  In hall 9, booth C04 they demonstrate how superior results can be achieved with clever program strategies on top-quality machines.

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