Open House at KERN-customer Shanghai Machine Tooling

Interesting demonstrations on the KERN machines Triton and Pyramid Nano

Shanghai Machine Tooling manufactures pallet systems and develops / installs their own automation. During the Open House event on 04th and 05th August 2016, KERN Microtechnik GmbH from Germany, as well as the companies SMT, Schaublin, Blaser and Axis took part; everything was perfectly organized by the KERN representative company DKSH.
Lectures and guided tours

During the seminar, the presentations by Mr. Udo Reinwald, International Sales Director at KERN Microtechnik GmbH, were very well attended on both days. The complete range of KERN machines was presented: KERN Micro, KERN Evo, KERN Triton, KERN Pyramid Nano, with a particular focus on the technology Jig grinding. The guided tours through the production hall with demonstrations on the two machines KERN Pyramid Nano and KERN Triton were well received.