KERN family

The KERN family

From idea to finished part

Increased productivity and profitability

KERN Microtechnik's customers place great value on two-way collaboration with our dedicated development and sales engineers. Our goal is always to fully exploit the high potential of KERN machines to increase both our customers' productivity and the efficiency of their processes, keeping them ahead of technical advancements and the ever-increasing demands on component quality. 

Consistent points of contact at KERN
KERN machine support provides uniquely competent customer support with fast response times. When you buy a KERN machine, you get your own personal contact for the entire lifetime of the machine, giving you ongoing, individualized optimization of your production processes.

All KERN engineers possess extensive industry know-how and expert knowledge of our machines. That's why they're frequently attached to our customers' development teams as technology consultants.

Technology partnership with the KERN family
Many product development managers already have ideas for "KERN parts" which would hugely advance their business, but which until now were beyond the reach of serial production. The solution lies in a technology partnership with our machine design and contract production experts. Join the KERN family!

The efficient transfer of know-how between KERN machine engineering and KERN contract production — with the aim of permanently expanding the feasibility threshold for key components — enables our customers to constantly maintain their technological lead, even during periods of rapid progress!