KERN family

Training and accompaniment

At KERN Microtechnik, our focus is always on increasing productivity and profitability for our customers! This concept of a "KERN family" applies equally to our machine development and service branches. (More info about the KERN family can be found here).

KERN application engineers accompany your production process right from the beginning, training your operators individually based on their previous knowledge as well as the specific requirements of your production operation:

Focused user education through continuous training

  • Training by qualified experts

  • Training on the machining centers

  • Training at the KERN Democenter or at your factory

  • From basic to expert training

Transforming the customer from a standard to a precision miller

  • Unique features of precision milling

  • Influences of various specific conditions

  • Precision milling tools

  • Individual training with a focus on your processes

Optimization advice for customers

  • Analysis and advice for optimizing your production process

  • Individual advice and assistance via your personal contact on specific topics, such as

    • Clamping technology

    • Lubricants

    • Process parameters

    • Tools

  • Optimal tuning of machines' parametric design for customers' processes to achieve maximum productivity