Luftaufnahme aller Mitarbeiter des Werks in Eschenlohe
Luftaufnahme aller Mitarbeiter des Werks in Eschenlohe
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KERN Microtechnik

CNC precision machining centres and high precision part production made in in Germany – since more than 50 years.

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CNC precision machining centres, developed and build in the Kern machine tool plant in Eschenlohe, deliver optimum results in the most demanding machining
assignments — around the clock, seven days a week. The Kern Contract Manufacturing division, which is based at our Murnau plant, draws on the know-how acquired by our Mechanical Engineering team in Eschenlohe. Conversely, our many years of experience gained in manufacturing practice continually flow into the ongoing improvement and optimisation of our machines. This close interlinking of Contract Manufacturing and Machine Engineering is what makes Kern Microtechnik unique!

Machines & Services

When developing our machines, we pay attention to every last detail. A KERN machine is imperturbable, µ-exact in operation and especially comfortable to operate. KERN Microtechnik’s high level of vertical integration guarantees that every machine leaving our factory delivers outstanding build quality, enduring process stability and reliable execution of its individual production tasks

Flexible machines for future-proof production: Our sales organisation is not just about machines, but also about the processes that make it possible to produce sophisticated parts efficiently. Ultimately, it is the well-balanced combination of the operator, machine and process expertise that makes the difference. We contribute to creating the best conditions in all three areas.

Simon Eickholt


We build machines with unmatched productivity and precision for the most demanding applications. Our machine and process expertise, our outstanding teamwork and effort to always find the best solution play a decisive role here.

Alexander Stauder

Head of Application Technology

I've been with KERN since the start of my apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician in 2002. Since then I've become an engineer and am still fascinated by my work. We simply don't make standard products, instead we constantly push back the limits of what is technically possible.

Portrait von Gilbert Ullmann, Service-Leiter bei KERN Microtechnik GmbH

Gilbert Ullmann

Head of Service

The high level of training of our service technicians, their affinity to our company, as well as their honesty and not least their personality — these are the basis for our promise to offer far more than the market standard.

Contract Production

Since 1962 KERN Microtechnik has been delivering μm-accurate precision parts with excellent surface finish. With our wide range of technology and modern machinery for the most challenging assignments, we are today one of Europe’s largest contract manufacturers in high-end machining. Our focus remains the serial production of micro- and high precision parts.

Our fully air-conditioned production center contains 18 KERN ultra-high precision CNC machining centers with high speed spindles. They give us the capability to manufacture serial batches of 50 pieces up to 10,000 pieces. Prototypes which are necessary in advance are manufactured on the same machines – so the process can be transferred to series production without any problems. Our product range includes watch plates and movement parts, fiber optic connectors for medical endoscope heads and turbine wheels in the submillimeter range.

Why choose a Kern

We build machines with unmatched productivity and precision for the  most demanding applications.  Our machine and process expertise, our outstanding teamwork and effort  to always find the best solution  play a decisive role here. After buying a KERN machine you become automatically part oft he KERN family. Our development engineers will accompany you from the planning to the implementation of your complete production process, including serial production. Our customers are also our technology partners — for the entire life of the machine.

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High frequency

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