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Kern Micro Platform: New Video Online!

Kern Micro Platform (english version): Micro HD | Micro Vario | Micro Pro – YouTube

New dimension of five-axis precision!

The Kern Micro HD, as the crowning of the Kern Micro Platform, has changed our company and left a lasting impression on our staff and our now numerous Micro HD customers. For us, this is not just a machine, but embodies what we stand for as a company: Ambitious, innovative and powerful. This feeling and the experiences have been packed into a video in cooperation with many employees and we are proud to present the result today.

Individual or series production – when it comes to maximum precision, the purchase of a machining centre from Kern Microtechnik is the right choice. Especially with the KERN Micro platform you can configure the optimum machine for your specific application spectrum. This platform provides the basis for three different models: The KERN Micro Pro, the KERN Micro Vario and the KERN Micro HD. With the KERN Micro Pro there exists a stable and reliable solution for efficient part manufacturing in a pricesensitive market segment. The KERN Micro Vario is characterized by highest workpiece accuracy, reliability and many different options for the configuration, for example for graphite milling. And the KERN Micro HD. This machine represents the latest development of our machines for high precision series production and is industry-wide unrivaled when it comes to long-term ultra-precision, the highest possible surface quality and, to date, the unmatched cutting performance.

The three micro models are built on one platform and all have a large number of identical components. This enables us to provide efficient service with immediate availability of spare parts. The user friendliness and ergonomics of the machines, as well as the high level of technical availability and long-term precision guarantee a reliable work process. With new developments and many possibilities of retrofitting, your KERN machine is always best prepared for your individual parts.