Medical technology

Medical technology

Medical products, e.g. precision components in surgical instruments, are manufactured from premium, hard to process materials like titanium, chromium cobalt, stainless steel, ceramics or especially hard plastics (e.g. PEEK or polyacetal). Their ability to be easily and hygienically cleaned is particularly important, making the quality requirements correspondingly high for CNC machining centers used for the serial production of medical equipment.

With the Micro CNC machining center KERN Microtechnik has developed a machine that superbly meets all of the medical industry's criteria for supreme surface finish quality and geometric precision.

Overview of the advantages for the medical industry:

  • Maximum vibration control enables optimal tool life

  • Fewer compensatory movements and reduced processing times due to optimized kinematics

  • 5-axis machining with optimal accessibility and pressure angles

  • Reduced maintenance thanks to intelligent chip flow