Kern Machine Support

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Ein KERN Service Mitarbeiter bei der Arbeit


Kern machines can be fitted with an extensive list of accessories. These include shrink units, die inserts, special holders, polygonal clamping systems and other equipment accessories such as the Kern μ-View micro-inspector, spindle orientations and cone cleaner.

In case of any questions please contact:

Dominik Simmeth
Technical Coordinator

Upgrades and Retrofits

Increase your productivity!
Our Kern service offers you a comprehensive range of retrofit and expansion packages. This allows you to make the most of the potential of your Kern machine and increase its productivity. Contact our service department at any time – we will create a concept for you that is perfectly matched to your process and your machine. Get an overview of the existing possibilities here:

Remote Service

Kern Smart Service – the service app

Our service is constantly optimised for you. With the app “Kern Smart Service” you will receive assistance even faster and more uncomplicated – worldwide and in any language. An experienced Kern service technician can connect with your smartphone or tablet by this app and see in real time what you see during machine operation. This app also allows to transfer images and files directly. For this Kern service, install the free app on your mobile device and simply follow the instructions. A detailed description of how to use the app and its functions can be found here: Operating instruction „Kern Smart Service“

Kern teleservice – worldwide fault management

In order to minimize waiting times, our trained service technicians worldwide can directly access your Kern machine via a secure internet connection. Through this process, components and control systems can be checked, a diagnosis made and the fault rectified. But it is always your decision when to give our technicians access to your machine. The Kern machine support teleservice can be retro-fitted to many existing Kern machining centers.


Our inventory of replacement parts is comprehensive, even for older Kern machines.

We offer a special Kern service for high speed milling spindles. We hold a permanent stock of refurbished, quality checked replacement spindles for all Kern CNC machining centers. In the event of spindle damage you will immediately receive a replacement — but you only pay for the refurbishing costs of your returned defective spindle.


The regular maintenance of your Kern machine guarantees longevity, reliable operation and high value retention. In addition, maintenance prevents more expensive repairs, protects you from longer downtime and reduces production downtime costs to a minimum.

Contact us for your individual offer.

Factory Overhaul

eine Werksüberholte Kernmaschine
Eine gebrauchte Kern Microtechnik Maschine vor der Generalüberholung

Do you need a factory overhaul for your KERN machine? No problem!
For a custom factory overhaul we proceed as follows:

  • First, we assess your machine (at your site or at our factory in Eschenlohe, Germany)
  • We then create a cost estimate
  • After placing your order, your machine is thoroughly checked at our factory and disassembled as required.
  • Worn components are cleaned, overhauled or replaced
  • On request, we can also repaint your machine
  • We then perform a KGM calibration
  • A final check completes the factory overhaul

After the factory overhaul, your machine will once again achieve the required level of KERN precision for the respective machine type. All replaced components have a six-month warranty.

Used Machines

When our machines “return home” to Eschenlohe after a trade-in, they undergo a complete factory overhaul and are then offered for sale as used machines. The procedure for a complete factory overhaul is basically as follows:

  • The machine is completely disassembled and cleaned
  • Worn components are overhauled or replaced
  • After assembly, the machine undergoes our entire calibration and quality assurance process – exactly like a new machine
  • We provide a six-month warranty with all used machines

For more information, please contact our service department.

CAD Portal

Would you like to receive detailed information about the common tool holders, used in your production and distributed by Kern Microtechnik? Through this download portal we offer you the possibility to display your tools directly in the machine simulation, which enables you to perform a collision analysis even before the first chip is cut.