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The company Kern Microtechnik GmbH has been successfully providing renowned Made-In-Germany innovative products and services for over 50 years.

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Our history

The roots of Kern Microtechnik can be traced back to 1962, when the company was founded by Kurt Kern as a precision contract manufacturer for the emerging high-tech industry.

Today, the company Kern Microtechnik develops and manufactures high-precision CNC machining centers at its Eschenlohe factory for the production of parts that demand μ-accurate machining.

At Kern contract manufacturing in Murnau, we solve the most challenging high-end machining problems using our Kern CNC machining centers and advanced measurement technology.

Josh Hacko

Owner in 4th generation Nicholas Hacko Watches, Sydney, Australia

It's a great feeling to be the only entrepreneur in Australia with a high-precision machining center of this type. I'm sure this gives us a lot of growth potential and I'm looking forward to being able to buy more Kern machines in the future.

Werner Buschor

Owner W. Buschor Präzisionsmechanik AG, Au, Switzerland

The Kern Micro is by far the best machine I have in the company. It is a real pleasure to be able to produce high-precision parts with such a machine. When we measure, it's always amazing how precise the machine works.

Richard Rossi

Owner of Master Precision Machining (celebrating 50 years in business), Santa Clara, CA, United States

Master Precision has built a reputation for high precision milling, engineering, finishing and metrology services. We pride ourselves on investing in state-of-the-art equipment and over the years have purchased four Kern machine centers; 2 Pyramid Nanos, 2 Micros and just put on order their new Micro HD. The Master Precision team is extremely impressed with the performance of Kern and their superior service team. We are building the most difficult close-tolerance machined parts and could not do it without the high precision accuracy of the Kern machine centers.

Quality and environmental management

All Kern machines and processes meet the highest quality standards. Our goal is always high efficiency with economical use of resources.

Therefore both our quality management (certified to DIN EN ISO 9001) and our environmental management (certified to DIN EN ISO 14001) serve the continuous improvement of our products, processes and organization.


Your Career

Qualified employees are the foundation on which our  company’s success is built. At Kern, we strive to ensure that each individual identifies with our values and  also develops an emotional bond with the company. In this way, we are trying to counteract  the problems caused by the current shortage of skilled specialists.

For decades, we have paid particular attention to the in-house training we provide for our employees. We  have been a training company since 1981, and our first ever trainee still works at Kern Microtechnik. Every year, we train industrial mechanics and mechatronics  engineers in a variety of professional disciplines.

Almost 200 highly qualified and committed employees will continue to stand for product innovation, passion for technology and service enthusiasm in the future.

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Trade Shows

euspen International Conference & Exhibition, Copenhagen (DK)

07.06. - 11.06.2021

Presentation by Marvin Gröb - Systems Engineer Kern Microtechnik GmbH: "Diamond scribing as an alternative to diamond finishing on a high precision milling machine"

Ceramics Expo, Cleveland (USA)


Visit us and our partner 6C at Ceramics Expo in Cleveland, Ohio. Booth: 923

EMO, Milano (IT) Hall 1/C21

04.10. - 09.10.2021

Visit us at EMO in Milano! We will present the KERN Micro HD.

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