KERN Evo video

The result of intelligent evolution!

Every KERN Evo contains many years of consistent development to ensure ultra-high precision in CNC milling at high and medium volumes.

With its proprietary X-Y cross table, KERN Evo delivers maximum precision in a small installation space. The design allows maximum smoothness and excellent surface finish (Ra < 1 μm) even at high speeds and acceleration values.

Short distances between components and drives ensure minimal angle errors, while ultra-high resolution direct measuring systems guarantee maximum repeat accuracy in a working space of 300 x 300mm. KERN Evo can be optionally equipped with a 4th and 5th axis without compromising the stability and high precision of the basic machine.

With high quality components in all peripheral modules and easy automation, KERN Evo is widely used for unmanned 3-shift production in all industries that demand maximum precision on the workpiece.

Tool manufacture

For industries with challenging production conditions

KERN Evo is used across various industries, wherever maximum, μ-exact precision on the workpiece is demanded. 

  • Tool/mold production
    High-precision and stable use for both direct and electrode milling
  • Automotive
    Ideal for flexible production of part families through modular programming for very low Cpk values
  • Medical equipment
    For complex geometries with high value materials like titanium, chromium, stainless steel, ceramics or specialist plastics
  • Micromechanics & watches
    Meeting the highest demands for (free-form) geometries, precision, repeat accuracy after tool changes and surface finish
  • Research and development
    Widely used across a vast range of high-tech research fields
KERN Evo dimensions
KERN Evo brochure
Axes: travel
X-axis300 mm
Y-axis280 mm
Z-axis250 mm
B-axis -10° to +100° (pivoting)
C-axis360° endless
Axes: dynamics
Vmax X, Y, Z16 m/min
amax X, Y, Z8 m/s2
vmax B8,5 1/min
vmax C20 1/min
full load torque B24 Nm
constant torque B12 Nm
full load torque C36 Nm
constant torque C18 Nm
Automatic tool changer HSK 25
32 positions, 63 positions, 95 positions
tool changing time< 3 s
chip to chip time< 5 s
max. tool diameter for automatic tool change50 mm (each 2nd tool rack position not used)
max. tool length for automatic tool change including tool holder110 mm
Numeric control
Heidenhain iTNC530
Spindle HSK 25
nmax50.000 1/min
full load torquemax (S1)1.43 Nm
full load torquemax (S6)1.86 Nm
powermax6 kW
crash control by DCM (optional)
permanent grease lubrication
positive air flow nozzle, cold air nozzle, MQL lubrication, flood cooling (optional)
Clamping system on 5th axis
Erowa ITS 50
System 3R Macro